The human behind the Real Estate broker

Professional side

I have been a real estate broker in Quebec for over 12 years now. My journey has been filled with exceptional people who have guided me or rather who have shown me how to avoid pitfalls.

First of all, there is Carole, my mentor, who taught me that real estate brokerage is more about the heart than money. Then, there was Denis, the director of the Century 21 agency where I spent almost 9 years. He taught me the thoroughness, precision and beauty in writing a well done contract. These 9 years at Century21 allowed me to understand the workings of real estate brokerage in Quebec and to understand certain limits.

Very often people think that brokers charge a lot for their services, but, honestly, a broker is far from getting the full commission charged. In addition to all costs related to permits, mandatory training, insurance and other agency fees, there is the time spent doing all the audit, research and travel work. You can’t imagine the time spent in the car between meetings.

The costs related to the profession and the unproductive time pushed me to take more advanced training to be able to become independent from real estate agencies and depend directly on the OACIQ, which is the watchdog of the profession. To this, I am adding new features to the site in order to automate as many operations as possible.

On the one hand, it frees up my time to be a real broker for buyers and on the other hand, for sellers, I can now offer a great flat rate commission. Find out what I offer as a broker for sellers.

Personal side

I have lived in Québec for three decades without wanting to leave

Don’t expect an unhappy childhood and a life like Cosette or Aurore depending on the French you practice.

I have loving parents who raised me in the middle of the Saharan dunes for the first decade of my life. A tough life, sometimes precarious but how formative and fabulous. I loved my hot years.

Not bad at school, my parents decide to send me to Europe in order to continue my studies and finish my schooling. What I finish with a double training in mathematics / physics and international business. These wet years (it rains all the time in Europe) made me realize that I was out of place.

Finally, I arrived in Quebec where I have lived for the past three decades without wanting to leave. These are my cold years. It is true that the winters are harsh and long, but the people are friendly and the social climate pleasant. I love living here. Don’t get me wrong, there are societal issues here, but these issues do not worry me because I think we can collectively eliminate them.

Married to a fabulous man and father of 5 turtles and an adorable cat, I am especially happy to be here and to be able to help people with their real estate transactions.

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